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Welcome to a vibrant opportunity to enhance your life with …

Soul Purpose Lifestyle Company—where you’ll discover beauty inside and out offered through a holistic approach to health and wellness.

Soul Purpose is proud to be part of the Youngevity® global family of companies.  Dr. Wallach has provided us with a strong foundation of quality health and nutritional products that help to improve the health and wellness of everyone—from our friends and family members, to our customers, and, most important—ourselves.

I have always believed that beauty begins on the inside, and then radiates out with a glow that reflects good health and an empowered spirit.  The Youngevity family of companies provides us with all of the products we need to achieve the best of health, which will then help us discover and maintain the beauty we all strive for in our day-to-day lives.

Beauty from the inside begins with our 90 for Life Campaign featuring Slender FX that can help people feel and look better with healthy weight management.  Then it’s time to alleviate stress by luxuriating in Soul Purpose bath and body products—all designed to take you on a journey of the senses while giving you softer, more radiant skin.  You’ll find shower gels, lotions, body polishes and scrubs, shea butter balms, and decadently rich custards, as well as therapeutic balms that can help soothe troubling aches.  For hair, we offer an all-natural hair care line that will put back the “oomph,” the shine and the control your hair may be needing.

Early summer 2012, be watching for our newest lineup of products:  Nurture all natural and organic skin care.  Women from around the globe have used traditional herbs, botanicals and essentials to maintain their youth and beauty for thousands of years.  Drawing on this knowledge, we have formulated a line of products featuring the restorative properties of nature.  Nurture is designed to offer you softer, younger looking, more radiant skin with “1,2,3 plus 1” simplicity—and no harmful chemicals.  You simply cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize and then choose one of six targeted serums to complete your daily regimen. We will also be offering Nurture products targeted for women of color.  Grammy-nominated singer Kathy Sledge will be helping us launch this new all natural skin care line because she loves how easy the products are to use—and the fabulous results.  “Nurture offers a powerful combination of all natural ingredients and beneficial peptides that are giving me the best skin of my life,” she says.

You’re going to love increasing your product sales and volume with our extraordinary line of body, beauty and skin care formulas.  To learn more about our products, please visit our website at and view our digital catalog.  While you’re on the home page, please sign up for our e-mail announcements.

Feel free to contact me at with any questions you may have about our wonderful products, and how we can help you discover and enhance your own unique soul purpose.  Soul Purpose has grown into a powerful brand with offerings to meet the holistic needs of our customers. There are four elements in the brand: BODY; BEAUTY; STYLE & SPIRIT. I believe that describing and categorizing our product offerings into these elements helps the customer to understand the range of products that we are offering. We have products for the body which include pampering and nutrition and wellness; beauty products which includes our skin care; Style for our healthy weight management and all natural mineral makeup and finally spirit which speaks to the empowering business opportunity.

I believe that the Soul Purpose line of products and business opportunity makes it possible to provide our customers with an award winning line of products for every aspect of their wellness regime and the business opportunity can change their lives and provide an opportunity for authentic wealth creation.

Soul Purpose has everything we need to be successful. The opportunity is rich, powerful and sustainable.

Nadine Thompson